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My Signature Talk

1.5 hours of pure inspiration and motivation. + Why we all doubt if we are "good enough" and how to know you ARE GOOD ENOUGH for certain

 + Connect to your true potential and gain clarity around what you want from this life

+ Why do we fail at acheiving our goals? A deep dive into the one piece of knowledge that will ensure you stay on track to your goals 


45 minutes from muddy vision to crystal clear waters.

+ The 3 things you must be clear on to achieve a future you're proud of

+ Learn how to build a crystal clear vision for the future and back it up with the tools to achieve it. 



45 Minutes of holding your head high and your self esteem even higher. 

+ Why we all doubt if "we're good enough" and how to know you ARE GOOD ENOUGH for certain

+ Learn the key to building confidence and how to put it into action  


45 minutes of hard core goal setting.

+ Learn how to write goals so that you WILL achieve them. 

+ The 3 simple keys that will ensure you stay motivated and on track to achieving your goals


Empowering women to be clear, confident and capable, is the greatest gift I have to share. Sharing that amongst a room full of women ignites my passion like nothing else. It's a message worth sharing and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will handle the opportunity to spread it with the utmost care, enthusiasm and energy.

It's not just having someone to speak right? To fill a space?

It's about having someone who knows how to engage an audience, involve them and give them something worth taking away! Right?

My talks are designed with all that in mind.

Consciously and respectfully engaging the audience as a whole, making them apart of all that I do, is my secret to ensuring they don't just have fun but have memorable moments that they'll be calling back on for years. 

I'd love to hear about you're event and work with you to make it memorable. Please enquire in the contact card below for details and prices.


Ph: 0498 325 372

Email: Hayley@treeofwings.com

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