Tree of Wings offers two beautiful workshops "Women's Empowerment Workshop" and "Roots and Wings Workshop - Empowering our Teens". No matter what stage we are at in life as women, I believe it's important to understand our worth, believe in ourselves and know how to set ourselves up to achieve the life we want to create for ourselves

Women's Empowerment Workshop

Call it a clan.

Call it a network.

Call it a tribe.

Call it a family.

Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

Something magic happens when a room full of women come together to support and inspire each other. This workshop is designed to give women a sense of achievement and renew their excitement for life. To inspire them to push past their limits and decide, for themselves, who they want to show up and be and how they want to live.

It's my promise that after this workshop you and your group will walk away with; 

+ A renewed sense of who you're truly capable of being and becoming

+ Clarity around the direction you want to take your future in - no more guessing games

+ The ability to not only write rock solid goals down, but the right tools to back them with, that will ensure your goals ARE Achieved

+ The self belief to back yourself once and for all so you can step out with the Confidence you need to show up and reach your goals.

The Bonuses

+ FREE Workbook to work through and keep!

What you need to know

+ Run over 4 hours 

+ I'll come to you, your loungeroom, your business, your local hall, whatever. As long as you've got enough room for your cohort to relax and be themselves, I can run this from wherever you are. 

+ No minimum of attendees. I do however, want you to have a chance to have a voice, to feel comfortable speaking up and to get the support you need. To ensure this happens I cap my workshops at 15 attending women.






Roots and Wings Workshop

- Empowering our Teens

There are two gifts we can give our children,

Roots to grow,

And Wings to fly.


There is nothing more important than investing in the foundations of our daughters life. Full of fun, laughter and friendship, this full day workshop is designed to enrich your teen with all the things we wish we'd been taught in school. How to believe in ourselves, know our worth, love our bodies and set ourselves up for success. 

In our beautiful day together, your daughters will come away with skills in... 

+ Positive self talk

+ How to build self worth

+ How to leverage strengths, weakness, failures and successes

+ How to build a positive body image

+ How to set gaols AND achieve them

The Bonuses

+ FREE Workbook to work through and keep!

+ FREE post workshop 1/2 hour coaching call!


What you need to know

+ Run over 8 hours 

+ I'll come to you, your local library, school, community hall, loungeroom, wherever there is an inspiring space to nurture your daughters growth.

+ No minimum of attendees. I cap my numbers at 10 teens. It can be daunting to speak up in a crowded room of peers. To ensure the young women have a space where they are free to express themselves and be comfortable, small groups are essential.

+ The material is most suited to teens between 15-18 years.



Ph: 0498 325 372


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