Hayley Whittaker 
Cert IV Life Coach

"Create the things you wish existed" - Unknown

the coach

I am Hayley, the owner and founder of Tree of Wings. I am a woman so passionate about your purpose that it's my purpose. I do what I do because I believe women are an incredible force of love, care and passion and I envision a world where we are free to share our blessings. 

I know all too well the frustration that is felt when you know you have the potential to do something worth while and yet feel stuck in your current career. I spent 7 years building a career, working on someone else's dream. I worked hard thinking any success would bring me fulfillment but no matter how much I achieved, fulfillment never came. 

I knew there was more for me but I was comfortable, I knew what I was doing, I even loved parts of my job, I was really good at it and paid accordingly - the thought of starting again was daunting. I sat in the confines of my office day dreaming over my 4th coffee for the morning,  wishing I had the confidence to be the girl in my dreams. What if I failed? What if I hated it? I feared the unknown and climbed back into my comfort zone... in the foetal position.  

Even if I did trust myself where do I begin in going after my dreams? I read books, listened to hundreds of podcasts and Youtubed anything I could hoping to find the answers. Oh the Overwhelm. There were so much material and advice out there, some of which was conflicting.

Sound familiar? Guuuuurl, I told you, I've been there!

I couldn't waste my life though, when I allowed myself to feel what it was I was feeling, I was miserable, stuck and afraid of my future. It was no way to live. So I changed it.... And here I am, I'm excited beyond anything I could image for what my future holds. The overwhelm and fear of my future is gone, I'm free of uncertainty, I have clarity. I wholeheartedly believe in myself, I've built myself up and overcome the self defeating mindset that was holding me back in that office of daydreams.  My tool kit is completely filled with skills that move me forward every single day. I want to get out of bed for this life, I love my life and it feels so right. This version of Hayley is who I'm meant to be, what a beautiful thing it was to give myself permission to be me. 

Let me tell you more about how I achieved this...

Clarity - I needed to know what I was passionate about, I devoured material on finding your passion, until I found mine. I then took the first of many steps in pursuit of my dream, studied hard and became a Coach.

Confidence - I needed to build up the courage and self belief so I could build the life I envisioned. Eventually I took the leap, I quit my 7 year long career, adjusted my life and pursued my dream knowing I could achieve it.

… Capabilities - I needed to learn the skills to achieve my vision, now when I set goals, I achieve them.

I've condensed all that I've learnt in years of researching and studying into my business, so that you could have this in months not years. Now it's your turn to stop playing with your dreams exclusively in your head and share your blessings. I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same, I want you to know that your life is waiting for you and you can live it, just as I am.

Tree of Wings is my passion, purpose and dream, I'm sharing my blessings, join me, it's time to share yours.  

Love Always, Hayley x



Ph: 0498 325 372

Email: Hayley@treeofwings.com

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