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What Fears are holding you back?

What's the # 1 thing holding women back from achieving their dreams? FEAR! 

How do I know this? It's my job to help women get their dreams and.... of course... I was once one of these women. 

In this video I will explain to you why it is you're feeling fearand how to train your brain to let go of those fears. 

Remember the 3 questions; 

1. What's happening?

2. What are you protecting me from?

3. What is it costing me?

4. Can I let it go?

Consistency is key ladies, keep up the work, it's worth it, you can reach your dreams!!!

The Key to Confidence

I speak to so many women about what is holding them back from achieving their goals and time and time again I get thrown the answer, "I'm just not confident enough". So here it is ladies, the Key to confidence. 


You may take no action and feed into your self doubt or you can take action and feed into your self belief, the choice is yours! 

It doesn't matter how little your step forward is, as long as it's a step. Keep moving, keep stepping and you will see your confidence blossom! I promise! You've got this!! x

defining what success means to you


> Want to be "successful"?

> Running after an ever-moving goal post?

> Chasing after someone else’s dream?

> Feel overwhelmed in trying to get "there"?

> Don't know where to start in goal setting?

We all want to do our very best at everything we set out to do in life. Sometimes that pressure can be very overwhelming, it feels like we will never get "there".

Society tells us what it looks like to be successful everyday and with new ideas of success being thrown at us left, right and centre there's no wonder we feel over our heads in trying to be successful!

Whether it's study, your relationships, career or health, it's important to get clear on what YOU feel needs to be done in these areas to be SUCCESSFUL.

Do this and watch the overwhelm slip away, you now know where you're going, what you expect of yourself and you could even start the path to "there" - you know where it is now.

Don't be surprised if you're actually not as far from your version of success as you think.


You don't need motivation, you need a WHY!

We've all been in the situation where we have a goal in mind and feel motivated to move towards it for a couple of weeks before falling off the band wagon. What you need is a tool to keep you on track. This video will help you do just that!! 

After you watch the video do the following; 

1. Get a goal in mind 

2. Make a cuppa

3. Sit down and hand write 20 (or more, but no less) reasons why you want to reach that goal. Imagine what life will be like when you reach your goal and write


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