One-on-One Coaching

Have a business idea but need help being clear, confident and capable, so you can start with determination and your head held high? I've got you



Two beautiful, empowering and inspiring Personal Development workshops for Women & Teens. A walk through being Clear, Confident & Capable.


Event Speaking

Inspire your audience with one of my four empowering talks on all things gaining clarity, building confidence and having the capabilities to achieve a fullfilled life


Clear  Confident  Capable


"I had a 30 minute goal setting session with Hayley... WOW! Not only did I feel more empowered, I felt I had more clarity about what I wanted to achieve and how I was going to achieve it. Hayley has a way of really making you dive deeper into what you want for yourself and she brings more awareness to the things that are important to you and why. This session gave me more focus and drive and I look forward to working with Hayley again." 

- Ally 30



Hi I'm Hayley

Qualified Life coach, a good friend, Wife, great cook, small town girl who happens to be addicted to travel.

I live in Nyngan, NSW. A town of 2,073 people, 2 hours from any form of business hub, 8 hours west of a capital city, in fact I’m geographically 1/2 hour away from the centre of NSW. I live in a town with no round-a-bouts or traffic lights, no chamber of commerce and where empty shop windows are all too common. I live in a town where everyone knows your business even if they don’t know you, where “networking” is what is said on the odd day the newly installed NBN doesn’t drop out. I live in a town where the most interesting thing to passers by is a 5m tall ‘Big Bogan’ in the Main Street, where the only place a coach is heard of is on the local footy oval. I live in a place where women’s job opportunities are limited and where the entrance to our town has a sign saying “Welcome to the great outback”.

There’s so many reasons I live here, it’s a town that’s brought me so much joy but it’s certainly not the ideal place to have a business like mine.

Or so you may think, yet it’s from here that I’ve helped inspire women in our town, 2 hours away, interstate and even in Europe and America. Whilst reading the above about my one horse town, would you have thought that possible? Well I’ve proven you can!

Whilst I have coached internationally from the comfort of my own home, my passion has called me back to the women who, well, I call home.


I'm now on a mission to make big dreams happen in regional, rural and remote towns for all women living regionally, rurally or remotely, why? Well as intelligent women, where we live shouldn't compromise the quality and fulfilment of our careers or lives.

Wherever there is a will there is a way. Your circumstances do not determine what you can do, it’s your willingness to try. You can find a million reasons why you can’t but all it takes is one big enough reason why you can. We live in a world where literally everything is possible! So start acting like it is! Have the courage to see that! Own that! And hunt down what’s possible for you! Which, might I add, is ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE!!


Ph: 0498 325 372


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